Social Responsibility

Committed to Compassion

Care. Concern. Compassion.

At Escorts, care, concern and social empowerment lie at the core of our business model. To us social empowerment is not an option, but a business imperative. It encompasses our business objectives, our responsibility to the society and eco-sphere and also, our efforts to enrich the lives of our workforce.

We believe, if we are the guests of our planet, we are also its hosts. We know that our businesses are, but a microcosm, of the earthly macrocosm. So we gratefully return manifold… of what we receive from this planet and its inhabitants.

We endorse a view which champions holistic and all-round prosperity. Naturally then, we have interwoven social consciousness into business responsibility. In recent times, our corporate social responsibility initiatives were focused around the following areas:

Community Health

Escorts engages with reputed hospitals and medical organisations to increase health awareness and provide free primary healthcare services

Women Empowerment

Escorts addresses women’s empowerment issues through multifarious community outreach initiatives, including the wives and daughters of employees.

Social Welfare / Eco-Responsiveness

Escorts is committed to national progress, upkeep of the eco-sphere, reflected in the several social and environmental initiatives around its manufacturing units.

Employee Engagement

Escorts is a fellow voyager of its people, evident through various engagement programs, that reach out to employees’ families to establish a personal connect with them.

National/International Contingencies

Escorts is a regular contributor to national and international funds targeted at providing relief from natural disasters and contingencies.