Euro 60

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Euro 60
  • Bore x Stroke


  • HP


  • No. of Cylinders


  • Swept Volume(cc)


  • Type

    Natural Aspirated

  • Type

    Dual Clutch

  • Type

    Constant Mesh

  • No. of Gears


  • Differential Lock


  • Rear Axle Reduction Type


  • Type

    Oil Immersed Brakes

No Data
  • Functions

    Draft & Position Control

  • Lift Capacity

    1800 kg

  • Auxiliary Valve

    1SA/1DA(2 nos.)

  • Front Tyre


  • Rear Tyre


  • Steering

    Power Steering

  • Lenght,mm


  • Wheelbase,mm


  • Width,mm


  • Height, mm

    2290(Upto Exhaust)


Power meets performance, on and off the road

Under the bonnet of the Euro 60 is a 60 HP 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated, advanced direct injection with inline pump fuel efficient but powerful engine. A dry air cleaner with a clogging sensor adds life and performance to the engine.

Advanced transmission

There are 8 forward and 2 reverse gears available, built around constant mersh gears with silk-smooth back-end shifting. Epicyclic reduction reduces stress and strain on the transmission, with reduced torque on the gear box components and crown wheel. Reliable heavy single-axle trailer haulage is enabled with a very robust axle structure and flat trailer hitching arrangement.

Thoughtful ergonomics

A side shift gear with ergonomically placed levers not only offer better comfort but make them easy to use in off-road conditions. Since gear shifting can be done easily without moving body position or bending, safety is enhanced as eye contact with the road is not broken.

Performance figures

The Euro 60 has 540 multispeed PTO and delivers torque of 251Nm at 900-1200 rpm, making it one of the strongest players on the field