Farm mechanization and the green revolution has gone hand-in-hand in India. Playing a leading role was Escorts, and we continue to do so, with our legendary POWERTRAC brand, respected for power, efficiency and hassle-free operations that is aided by the latest in farm-tech. All this from decades of research, observation, and experiments.

Called EURO due to the European design features, the high torque and heavy- duty hydraulics makes it a real workhorse, suitable for a variety of tasks. Available in a wide HP, this stylish hard worker has a single piece bonnet and great looking headlamps.

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ALT (Ant-Lift Tractors)

Safety and stability were the two need-points that resulted in the design of the ALT Series. By shifting the center of gravity, toppling is no longer a risk. Made specifically for commercial haulage operators, they are available in two models - ALT 4000 and ALT 3500.

DS Plus

The Diesel Saver Series, is unique combination of power and fuel efficiency that is second to none. They save 10-15 percent of diesel and enable farmers to substantially increase their productivity and their incomes. Priced attractively, with low maintenance, these machines have the best value proposition in the mass tractor segment.